Who is Circle?

Hi! My name is Adam Circle. Some people call me "that hotdog-guy from Facebook", or if you're feeling really creative and original, some shape other than a circle. I'm from Somers, New York and I'm majoring in mechanical engineering. I like to read, code, sit outside, play frisbee, do research, bike, listen to music, etc. I even made this website! I've been involved in student government over the last two years at my high school, where I served in elected office as Community Service Coordinator on the executive board. I'm excited to be stepping up my involvement this year! If you want to learn more about me, feel free to check out my personal site as well. Warning: my personal page is not yet mobile-compatible.

What does Circle stand for?

Nothing: Circle isn't an acronym. In all seriousness, I hope to build a strong and effective student government that goes above and beyond what's expected to enhance campus life. I divide my platform into three broad categories: leadership, agenda, and impact.


I believe that a government can only be effective if it is collaborative. I will cultivate an atmosphere where all members of the council and the entire freshman class can feel comfortable participating and sharing their ideas. In addition, I intend to pioneer a sustainable new Class Council culture based on Stanford University's's principles of design thinking that will carry through to our graduation date. Using these methods will help to build not only a more efficient and productive government but a government that is more innovative and creative. Finally, I want to recruit RPI's own talent and bring lessons learned in the classroom to Class Council meetings. It is not difficult to imagine how those of us studying entrepreneurship, Design Innovation and Society, computer science, and many other majors could add substantial value to our class government.


I will strive to foster strong relationships with local restaurants and businesses in Troy, as these establishments are often willing to sponsor Council events and activities. Building on my experience in student government, I would like to implement some events and fundraisers that I found to be a great success at my high school, such as a Field Day following final exams in May, which would feature many individual and team games that borrow from our elementary school days, and a bonfire night on freshman hill with refreshments and live music. I will also work to create a reasonable timeline for planning events that are farther off in the future, like Senior Week and commencement.


At our convocation, Dr. Jackson spoke of a theme for Rensselaer in the 2016-2017 school year: unity through diversity. Our class is not only one of the strongest academically in RPI's history, but also the most diverse geographically and ethnically. I have already mentioned drawing on academic diversity within RPI to build a stronger government, and this strategy extends to other types of diversity as well. Those of us from other states, countries, and cultures will be able to share their experiences to contribute to a more inclusive environment at Class Council-sponsored events. I will strive to create a government that accomodates everyone, regardless of background and needs.

Support Circle

The reforms described above will only be possible with your help. Mark off Election Day on your calendar for Tuesday, October 3rd, and go vote!

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